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Certifications of Compliance
Certifications of Compliance
Country Of Origin
A single item may consist of several components from different countries. The country of origin information is listed on the packaging and/or product.
Assembly Instructions
We are continually working to improve our products. As a result, some Assembly Instructions may have revisions available. If you notice inconsistencies and/or have any questions, please contact customer service at 855-327-4543, option 1.
ELR-008:  Double-Sided Adjustable Easel
ELR-0100-AS:  See-N-Store Rack + 12 Tubs with Lids
ELR-011:  20 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-0173:  Sand & Water Table with Cover
ELR-0216:  3-Tier Storage Organizer With Bins, Blue
ELR-0261:  12 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-0330:  Easel with Small Paint Crate Set
ELR-0335:  Birch Double-Sided Book Display
ELR-0341:  4 Sided Wooden Block Tub
ELR-0344-A:  Comfort Chairs and Table Set - 3 Pc.
ELR-0344:  Bentwood Comfort Chair Set with Table
ELR-035:  "Gus" Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar - 4 Section
ELR-0368:  Bentwood Comfort Living Room Set
ELR-040:  Phanty Pic-N-Rock
ELR-0419:  Birch 24"H Storage Cabinet - 5 Compartments
ELR-0420:  Birch 30"H Storage Cabinet - 5 Compartments
ELR-0421:  Birch 36"H Storage Cabinet - 8 Compartments
ELR-0422:  Birch 24"H Fold and Lock Cabinet - 5 Compartment
ELR-0423:  Birch 30"H Fold and Lock Cabinet - 5 Compartment
ELR-0424:  Birch 36" Fold and Lock Cabinet - 8 Compartment
ELR-0425:  Birch 5-Section Straight Coat Locker
ELR-0426:  Birch 20 Cubby Tray Cabinet
ELR-0427:  Birch 25 Cubby Tray Cabinet
ELR-0428:  Birch Multi-Section Storage Cabinet
ELR-0429:  Birch Book Display with Storage
ELR-0450:  Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet with Back
ELR-0451:  Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet without Back
ELR-0452:  Birch Discovery Cove
ELR-0453:  Birch 5-Section Coat Locker with Bench
ELR-0547B:  MemoryStor┬« Universal Rolling Cart
ELR-0549B:  MemoryStor┬« Universal Rolling Organizer Set
ELR-060:  30" Round Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-061:  30" Round Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-0627:  Storage Cabinet - 36" Lmt
ELR-0628:  Fold & Lock Cabinet - 5 Compartment Laminate 24"
ELR-0629:  Fold & Lock Cabinet - 5 Compartment Laminate 30"
ELR-062:  30" Round Wood Table & Chair Set
ELR-0630:  Fold & Lock Cabinet - 8 Compartment Laminate 36"
ELR-0631:  Tray Fold & Lock Cabinets- 5 Comp/20 Tray w/o Bins
ELR-0632:  Tray Fold & Lock Cabinets- 8 Comp/25 Tray w/o Bins
ELR-0633:  Locker Unit Straight-Lmt
ELR-0634:  5 Section Coat Locker - Bench
ELR-0635:  20 Tray Cabinet - Laminate w/o Bins
ELR-0636:  25 Tray Cabinet - Laminate w/o Bins
ELR-0637:  Pick-A-Book-Stand
ELR-0638:  Single Sided Book Display - Laminate
ELR-0639:  Double Sided Book Display - Laminate
ELR-063:  24" x 36" Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-0640:  Wall Mounted Locker
ELR-0641:  Multi-Section Cabinet w/o Bins - Laminate
ELR-064:  24" x 36" Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-065:  24" x 48" Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-0662:  Double-Sided 10-Section Coat Locker with Bench
ELR-0663:  2 Shelf Storage Cabinet without Back
ELR-0664:  12 Tray Cabinet without Bins - Laminate
ELR-0665:  Standard Teacher Easel
ELR-0666:  Wide Teacher Easel
ELR-0667:  Pre-K Teacher Easel
ELR-0668:  Rest Mat Trolley
ELR-066:  24" x 48" Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-0670:  Double-Sided 12 Tray Cabinet w/o Bins - Laminate
ELR-0671:  Double-Sided Low Cabinet
ELR-0673:  Play Kitchen Cupboard - Laminate
ELR-0674:  Play Kitchen Sink - Laminate
ELR-0675:  Stove - Laminate
ELR-0676:  Play Kitchen Refrigerator - Laminate
ELR-0677:  Mobile Book Island
ELR-0678:  Wall Mounted Diaper Storage
ELR-067:  30" x 48" Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-0680:  Birch Living Room Set
ELR-0681:  Birch Living Room Set - Sofa
ELR-0682:  Birch Living Room - Chair
ELR-0683:  Birch Living Room - Coffee Table
ELR-0684:  Birch Living Room - End Table
ELR-0686:  Birch Reading Sectional - Semi Circle
ELR-0687:  Birch Reading Sectional - Sofa
ELR-0688:  Big Book Display and Storage - Flannel
ELR-068:  30" x 48" Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-0690:  Big Book Display and Storage - Dry Erase Board
ELR-0692:  4 Station Art Easel with Storage
ELR-0693:  Puppet Theater - Flannel
ELR-0694:  Puppet Theater - Chalk
ELR-0695:  Puppet Theater - Dry-Erase Board
ELR-0696:  Birch See and Store Shelf with Bins
ELR-0697:  Birch See & Store Activity Table
ELR-0698:  Birch See & Store Bench
ELR-0699:  Birch See-Thru Storage Bin
ELR-069:  24" Square Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-0700:  Birch Dress Up Island
ELR-0701:  Double-Sided Bi-Directional Mirror
ELR-0702:  Birch Rotating Dress Up Carousel
ELR-070:  24" Square Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-0711:  Colorful Essentials 24"H Storage Cabinet - 5 Comp
ELR-0712:  Colorful Essentials 30"H Storage Cabinet - 5 Comp
ELR-0713:  Colorful Essentials 36"H Storage Cabinet - 8 Comp
ELR-0715:  Colorful Essentials Multi-Purpose Cabinet-18 Comp
ELR-0716:  Colorful Essentials Multi-Purpose Cabinet-3 Level
ELR-0717:  Colorful Essentials 2-Sided Book Stand - Standard
ELR-0718:  Colorful Essentials 2-Sided Book Stand -Toddler
ELR-0719:  Colorful Essentials Big Book Display Stand
ELR-071:  30" Square Hardwood Table with 18" Legs
ELR-0720:  Colorful Essentials Single-Sided Book Stand
ELR-0721:  Colorful Essentials Toddler Single-Sided Book Std
ELR-0726:  Colorful Essentials Multi-Purpose Cabinet-12 Comp
ELR-0727:  Colorful Essentials Storage Book Display - 6 Comp
ELR-0728:  Colorful Essentials Storage Book Display - 3 Comp
ELR-072:  30" Square Hardwood Table with 22" Legs
ELR-0730:  Mobile 2 Station Art Easel
ELR-0731:  4-Station Art Easel
ELR-0732:  Fire Engine Easel
ELR-0733:  Police Car Easel
ELR-0735:  Mbl 2-Station Easel w/Dry Rack
ELR-0736:  4 Station Easel with Storage
ELR-0737:  3-Station Toddler Easel with Storage
ELR-0738:  Dbl-Sided Mbl Book Display w/Magnetic Dry-Erase
ELR-0739:  Double-Sided Mobile Book Display - Toddler
ELR-0740:  Storybook Center with Dry Erase Board
ELR-0741:  Fire Engine Book Storage
ELR-0742:  Frog Book Storage
ELR-0743:  Taxi Book Storage
ELR-0744:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Washer/Dryer
ELR-0745:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Cupboard
ELR-0746:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Stove
ELR-0747:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Sink
ELR-0748:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Refrigerator
ELR-0749:  Colorful Essentials Play Kitchen - Microwave
ELR-0750:  Colorful Essentials 4-in-1 Play Kitchen
ELR-0776:  Storage Bench with 2 Trays
ELR-0777:  Book Strorage with 1 Tray
ELR-078:  Basic Add-On Unit Block Set, 75-Pieces
ELR-0796:  6 Station Sand & Water Play Table with Lids
ELR-0798:  4 Station Round Sand & Water Play Table with Lids
ELR-0799:  4 Station Square Sand & Water Play Table with Lids
ELR-079:  Starter Building Unit Block Set, 118-Pieces
ELR-080, 081:  
ELR-0820:  Glider - Wood Base
ELR-0821:  Swivel Glider - Metal Swivel Base
ELR-083:  Pick-A-Book Stand
ELR-0852:  3 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-12501:  "Gus" Extension - 4 Section
ELR-12503:  Climb and Slide
ELR-12506:  Greenhouse
ELR-12507:  Jumbo 4-To-Score
ELR-12508:  Buccaneer Boat
ELR-12509:  Junior 4-To-Score
ELR-12510:  Tree Top Climb and Slide
ELR-12511:  Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar
ELR-12512:  Lake Cottage
ELR-12513:  Fancy Manor House
ELR-12514:  Sit-N-Rock
ELR-12515:  Fantasy House
ELR-12517:  Play Island Table
ELR-12518:  Country Estate
ELR-12519:  Wilderness Log Cabin
ELR-12520:  GUS Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar - Vibrant
ELR-12521:  Jumbo 4-To-Score - Vibrant
ELR-12523:  Climb and Slide - Vibrant
ELR-12524:  Tree Top Climb and Slide - Vibrant
ELR-12702:  Kids Shopping Cart w/ Food
ELR-13100:  Classroom Art Cart
ELR-14106:  Adjustable Activity Table - Rectangular 24" x 36"
ELR-14302:  30" Square Bentwood Table
ELR-14303:  30"x48" Rectangle Bentwood Table
ELR-14405:  24" x 48" Resin Adjustable Activity Table
ELR-14406:  45" Round Resin Adjustable Activity Table
ELR-14407:  65" Kidney Resin Adjustable Activity Table
ELR-15326:  Bentwood Linking Stool
ELR-15501:  Bentwood Adult Comfort Chair
ELR-16118:  Standard RTA Streamline Cot Standard - Blue
ELR-16120:  Toddler RTA Streamline Cot - Blue
ELR-16121:  Standard Stackable RTA Kiddie Cot with Sheet -Blue
ELR-16122:  Toddler Stackable RTA Kiddie Cot with Sheet - Blue
ELR-16127:  Standard Stackable RTA Kiddie Cot
ELR-17100:  Birch 36"H Classic Bookcase
ELR-17101:  Birch 48"H Classic Bookcase
ELR-17102:  Birch 60"H Classic Bookcase
ELR-17103:  Display & Store Mobile Book Cart
ELR-17104:  Birch Hardwood Toddler Book Display
ELR-17108:  Birch Single-Sided Fabric Book Display
ELR-17109:  Birch Double-Sided Fabric Book Display
ELR-17200:  Birch 24" Small Block Storage Cart - Natural
ELR-17201:  Birch 36" Medium Block Storage Cart - Natural
ELR-17202:  Birch 48" Large Block Storage Cart - Natural
ELR-17216:  Fold & Lock 15 Cubby Tray Cabinet with 24" Storage
ELR-17217:  Fold & Lock 20 Cubby Tray Cabinet with 30" Storage
ELR-17218:  Fold & Lock 25 Cubby Tray Cabinet with 36" Storage
ELR-17230:  Birch 2-Section Straight Coat Locker
ELR-17231:  Birch 2-Section Birch Coat Locker with Bench
ELR-17232:  Birch Corner Section Straight Coat Locker
ELR-17233:  Birch Corner Section Coat Locker with Bench
ELR-17254:  Birch 10-Section Storage Locker
ELR-17255:  Birch 5+5 Storage and Tray Cabinet
ELR-17256:  Birch Organize and Play Storage Cabinet
ELR-17257:  Birch 30 Cubby Tray Cabinet
ELR-17300:  Birch Double-Sided 10-Section Coat Locker
ELR-17304:  Birch 10-Section Wall Mounted Hanging Coat Locker
ELR-17305:  Birch 16-Section Slim-Fit Coat Locker
ELR-17306:  Birch 8-Section Slim-Fit Coat Locker, 48"
ELR-17307:  Birch 8-Section Slim-Fit Coat Locker, 60"
ELR-17400:  See-Through Painting Easel
ELR-17401:  3-In-1 Art Easel
ELR-17500:  Birch Playhouse Cube - Frame
ELR-17506:  Birch Playhouse Cube with Mat
ELR-18004:  Horizontal Changing Station
ELR-18005:  Wooden Toddler Seat 6in RTA
ELR-18006:  Wooden Toddler Seat 8in RTA
ELR-18007:  Wooden Toddler Seat 10in RTA
ELR-18009:  Horizontal Changing Station with 500 Changing Pads
ELR-19000:  Beginner Toddler Block Set, 154-Pieces
ELR-19001:  Hardwood Unit Block Set with Carry Case, 64-Pieces
ELR-20101:  14 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-20102:  6 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-20103:  15 Drawer Mobile Organizer
ELR-20104:  12-Drawer (8+4) Mobile Organizer
ELR-20400:  Lock and Roll
ELR-20401:  4-Tier Plastic Storage Organizer with Bins, Blue
ELR-22101:  30" Round Table and 2 Chairs (3 Rung)
ELR-22201-AS:  Bentwood Table and Stools Set
ELR-24101:  Open Front Desk with Metal Book Basket
ELR-24102:  Open Front Desk with Chrome Book Basket
ELR-24103:  Open Front Desk with Metal Book Box - RTA
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